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Frank and the A/Altered

The Utah Car Show and Cruise Night Community owes Frank Terry a big thank you! Frank was many things, an engineer, photographer, car builder, drag racer and an all around hot-rod enthusiast. Frank was an engineer and in his spare time he worked on all things mechanical. Frank designed and fabricated many of the parts on the race car you see pictured behind him. Engineering was an important part of Frank’s life, but it was his love of hot-rodding, drag racing, car shows and photography that brings this website to you.

Every good engineer is detail-oriented and so was . Over the years, Frank not only photographed the hot-rods, car shows, and hot-rodders along the Wasatch Front, but he kept meticulous records of who or what was in each photo. When Frank died in 2003, my father inherited all of hot-rod memorabilia, which filled the back of a truck. The memorabilia included trophies that the A/Altered you see won in car shows, 50 years worth of Hot-Rod Magazines, and of course, many of the photos you will see on site.

I have included as much information as I have available about you will see on this site but if you have more information about any of the photos on this website or you have vintage hot-rod or drag racing photos from the you would like included in the site, just watch for us at car shows in Utah and surrounding states.

Happy Rodding,

Scott & Courtney