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While every car out there is special to someone, once in a while we find something that for one reason or another really catches our eye. If could be a super rare model, have an interesting story, a special owner or more likely some combination of all of the above.

When we find these people and their cars we wanted a special way to recognize them, so we created the featured cars page you see here. The first car you see on this page meet all three of our criteria, as a one owner original 6 cylinder 69 Camaro (not many of those left), it is the car I (the creator of thanks2frank) learned to drive in, so I think that’s an interesting story and its currently owned by someone very special, Frank’s cousin and more importantly my father.  

With all that in mind welcome to the thanks2frank featured cars page, the seeds have been planted now let all watch it grow.

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Jay Sisson's Anglia