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Jay Sisson & the Y. B. Normal Anglia

We at thanks2frank have taken many many photos of Jay Sisson's beautiful custom Merc but when we heard he had the original "Y B Normal" Anglia in his garage and there was an original Big Daddy Ed Roth Rat Fink painted on the dash we knew we had found our next featured car. Jay was kind enough to send us this story to go along with these great photos of this unique little car.

During my high school years I can remember this awesome little delivery van running around the streets of American Fork, Utah with the side panel painted with the name of “Speedy Delivery”, reminiscent of Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.  Phil Beardall had found the 1960 English Ford Thames in running condition with a 1.2 liter engine at a junkyard in Idaho.  Phil built the car during the late 60’s into a gasser era drag car/street racer using a ford small block and a 9” for power.  The car was raced at the local drag strips but was 3” short of the required 90” on the wheel base for any sanctioned event, so he found another body and hand built a new frame etc. and sold me “Speedy”.

During the next several years there were times when my wife, (No her name isn’t really Abby) used the car as the grocery getter and to haul my 5 kids around.  She was a big hit at the elementary school.

“Speedy” became the family project and went through several engine changes, new interior, a paint job, and wheels with the help of my wife, (No her name isn’t really Abby), and my sons.  As I would explain to my friend Don, the big plans for the up-grades and color scheme he kept saying “why be normal”.  I was telling my wife (No her name isn’t really Abby) that I had decided to paint Y. B. Normal in the side panel and she said in jest “yeah, and his wife Abby” from the “Young Frankenstein” movie… so I did.

We have had a lot of fun showing the Thames at the local car shows as Y. B. Normal & Abby.  I still get mail to the “Normals” and some people still think my wife’s name is Abby, but if you know us, you know we are anything but normal!

Make:  English Ford Thames

Year:  1960

Engine:  Ford 289ci

Transmission:  Ford C-4

Rear end: Ford 9”

Best Part of the Car:  Real Ed “Big Daddy” Roth Rat Fink on the Dash (painted in 1995)

Thats a REAL Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Rat Fink!

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