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Wells Slow Drags 2012

Keeping it "slow" at the 4 way Casino Slow Drags

Wells Street Dance 2012

Twisting the night away at the Street Dance

Now do you really want to miss the Well Fun Run one more time?


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Wells Burn Out Contest 2012One More Great Burn Out from Wells 2012

For information on this great show visit Wells Fun Run


Feel the Vibration!

wells fun run 2012Reg Bennion in his 1956 Chevy Nomad. Not only does this car do an amazing burnout it was one the the cars featured on the 2012 tee shirt!

The Wells Experience!

What the heck is in Wells? We get asked that a lot when we tell people they really have to go out to the Wells Fun Run. If you have ever talked to us you have probably heard those have to go to Wells.

Each year we take a new group of skeptical friends with us to the Wells Fun Run and each year we have new converts to what we call "The Wells Experience." We have yet to invite a group of friends that didn't go back and bring their friends with them saying "No really, you gotta come to Wells."

Could it be the slow drags and fireworks at the 4 Way Casino? The beauty of Angel Lake might be it? Maybe its the just for fun old school drag racing at the airport or the awesome burnouts every year. Or maybe its the great street dance the High Desert Cruisers and JC Hackett put on every year. Its really hard to say what brings people back to the Wells Fun Run year after year all we know is they come and we think it has something to do with all the great people that work really hard to make this event something special!

We try really hard to capture some of the fun of this event in our photos but like shooting the Grand Canyon there is just no way that photos can capture this event. Its something that you just have to experience for yourself and then you can try and explain to your friends just whats in Wells Nevada and why they should spend the last weekend in July there every year.

Wells is so much more than the car show it really is a "fun run" so next time you are talking to one of us and we say "you have to go to Wells" take us at our word we promise you will be glad that you did.


See you at the shows,

Scott & Courtney