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Become a THANKS2FRANK Sponsor
Its Easy and Worth Every Dime

Becoming a thanks2frank sponsor is cheap and easy and with 75,000 visits and over a million and a half page loads in 2009 it will provide your business with great exposure to the Hot-Rod Community!

We decided to create two levels of sponsorship, a basic sponsorship and a premier sponsorship. Sponsorship at any level helps keep thanks2frank out there snapping away recording as many Hot-Rod events as possible and posting them for not only our community but for the whole world to see!

Premier Sponsorship

A premier sponsorship of thank2frank will really get you noticed! This sponsorship includes:

 A text link in the left column of the thanks2frank Home Page

A text link on the Car Show Dates page

A text link on the Car Clubs Page

A Text Link on the Races Page

A text link on the Fresh Frank Page

A graphic link at the top of the Links Page

A text link on the page of all future major shows that have their own page (ie. Wendover, Wells, Hugs for Life etc.)

If you don’t have a webpage, at the premium sponsorship level we will build a simple contact info page for your business right into thanks2frank at no extra cost!

All this for only $650 for a full calendar year!

Basic Sponsorship

Your business name or link on the thanks2frank home page

Your business name or link on the links page under the Premier Sponsor Section

Basic Sponsorship rate still only $200

(If you don’t have a web page and want a Basic Sponsorship we can build a contact info page into thanks2frank for a one time $50 fee, if you choose to sponsor in subsequent years you would pay only the standard Basic Sponsorship rate)

For more information email us at [email protected]