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wells fun run 2013

I love a good Burn Out

wells fun run dance 2013

They really do Dance in the Streets at the Wells Fun Run!



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Wells Fun Run


Dance in the Streets!

Wells Fun Run 2013Well you can dance or just lay a lot of rubber down but no matter what you do in the streets get your hot rod to Wells Nevada for 2014

It's a Party!

What can be said about the Wells Fun Run? Well we can tell you they have great drag races, an awesome poker run, a burn out contest, classic America main street cruise, slow drags, JC Hackett spinning the Oldies, fireworks and an awesome street dance.

Yes we can tell you all of that but to really understand the draw of the Wells Fun Run you really have to go out and experience it for yourself. There is no way we can tell you just how much fun this event really is even all these photos can't really show you the good times that are to be had there.

We always say "you really have to go to Wells" and if you like a good party and want to have a great weekend then the Wells Fun Run is the place to be. We wouldn't lie to you now would we?

Where else might you find a live rabbit in your hotel room or break a stripper pole in a real operating brothel? You guessed it, only in Wells.

Oh and if you should happen to be the one that broke that stripper pole, you might even get a special award courtesy of Lee and the rest of your street rodder friends.

The Pole Award

See you next year at the Wells Fun Run,

Scott & Courtney